Season 4 Episode 8~ FinaleEdit

Episode 7 leaves off where Blaire has ran away.

Part 1Edit


Season 4 Episode 8 Finale Part 1

Amy, Brenna and Kelsey go after Blaire. They find her, unconsious, in the middle of the ocean. Lost, Amy and Brenna go look for land, and Amy finds some islands. Kelsey and Brenna go looking for food and leave Amy with Blaire. Brenna, finding a candy bar in her pocket, eats it without the others knowing, while Kelsey finds some berries and debates on what kind they are.

Meanwhile, Amy is telling the unconsious Blaire stories and deep, dark secrets, like how her pet rock Horton died and that she is afraid of the dark. Finally, the girls come back. Brenna claims that she isn't hungry anymore and Kelsey decides to bring the berries. Kelsey and Amy eat the berries, and then Amy goes and looks for firewood. Brenna apparently begins saying bad things to Kelsey, but is actually trying to help her. Kelsey faints in spite of this and Brenna is freaked out by Kelsey and runs to find Amy to calm Kelsey down. Meanwhile, Amy sees her old pet rock, Horton, which keeps saying "Murderer." Frightened, Amy turns and starts to run, when she is overcome by dizziness and faints.

Part 2

Season 4 Episode 8 Finale Part 2


In a dream, Amy finds herself in the water with Terra. They argue, Terra repeating that Blaire is hers despite Amy insisting she leave Blaire alone. Amy wakes up next to Brenna, Kelsey and an unconsious Blaire. Amy asks what happened and Kelsey explains that she accidentally picked pazo berries, which causes extreme hallucinations. She then asks about Blaire. As Brenna says, She still hasn't woken up, Blaire gets up and bolts. The girls chase her, catch her twice, but she escapes both times, the second lying to them. On their third try, Kelsey tries to reason with her.

"Terra's my mom. She knows whats best for me," is Blaire's reply. When Brenna asks, she continues, "She only left because she couldn't be on land. But now that I can breathe underwater, I can be with her."

The girls then somehow wake up. When Kelsey points out that Blaire is missing, they go to the water. Amy reveals that she's afraid of the dark, to her friends' amusement. Amy swims away, grabs her necklace, and has a vision of Terra, which she relays to the others. Grabbing Kelsey's hand, she puts it on Kelsey's necklace, and Kelsey senses Terra heading north. When Kelsey makes Brenna touch her necklace, she hears a painfully loud noise, like Terra is using a siren on the girls. 

They go after Terra, continuing to sense her. Amy spots Terra and grabs her, but Blaire appears and forces her hand off. Blaire holds hands with Terra and nods, telling them that she is staying with her mother. The girls swim off.

Back at the boardwalk, Kelsey leaves. All three of the girls are still in shock that Blaire is gone. Brenna walks Amy to her house. When they get there a mysterious car pulls in. As the girls wonder who it is, a familiar girl gets out and greets Amy by name. Shocked, Amy says, "Tess?!"

Secret Life of a Mermaid Season 4- Episode 8~ Finale Part 1-0

Secret Life of a Mermaid Season 4- Episode 8~ Finale Part 1-0

Secret Life of a Mermaid Season 4- Episode 8~ Finale Part 2

Secret Life of a Mermaid Season 4- Episode 8~ Finale Part 2